Trash to Treasure

What is it about that first flush of spring that gets the creative juices running like the sap from the maple trees? I am not sure what or why but its always fun to take the snow blower from the garage to its summer home in the garden shed and stand outside in the sunshine picking up sticks from the winter storms in the cool spring sunlight.

The rush of “its spring lets do something” juice” kept going as I came inside and decided today was the day to start the rehab of an old school chair. My Mom acquired this from a sale  from New Paris High School to use as a sewing chair. Now thats shes gone, my daughter who claimed grandmas sewing machine also wants her chair.I decided it needs a face lift for spring!  I have some Friendship Star blocks from a  swap group  that will be formed into new upholstery fabric. What is your first spring day project? Do you have any?

This is the “before” …stay tuned for updates and more photos…Moms Chair before


Another New Adventure

IMG_0059For years I have been toying with the idea of “blogging”.  This is the year I quit playing with it and JUST START.

I am sure many folks out there are like me, they  know they want to do something but it all seems way too complicated to know where to begin. I have many years using a computer, considered to be at least partially geeky and yet I let myself become overwhelmed by the process. I follow some very good blogs and they all make it look so effortless.  I know one thing…they all started with the first post, so here I am joining the ranks at last.

I plan on talking about treasures I collected for many years and some of the memories that went with them. Then even if some day when I am old and gray and no one ever reads my blog, I can still read it and remember. We will see where it goes from there, I hope you may come along for the ride or for a least for a jaunt now and then.